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welcome you make a contact with us, michael kors handbag sale is 24/7 online service, s their eggnog tea, michael kors shoes for sale Eggnogg'n "an exceptional winter tea". If you are familiar with the taste of holiday eggnog then you will recognize it in Eggnogg'n tea. However, since there is no cream or sugar or egg, it's only the flavor of eggnog you will taste. What you do to the tea afterward will determine the true taste. Bigelow's Eggnogg'n can make an michael kors sale bag excellent eggnog toddy. Brew the tea strong in a mug, use 2 tea bags for a big mug. kors michael kors sale Add sugar to taste and about 1 tbsp half and half or cream. A small splash of brandy or scotch will michael kors tote bag sale make this an "official" toddy. If you love holiday eggnog but shrink in horror at is obscene level of fat and sugar, michael kors aviator sunglasses sale try an original eggnog tea based eggnog. Take 2 cups of hot water, add 3 4 tea bags. After steeping, place in small pot and add a cup of milk, low fat or regular. If you use regular milk the eggnog will taste better and still have much less fat than regular eggnog. Heat and add about 4 5 tablespoons of sale michael kors bags sugar. You can use honey if you michael kors jewelry on sale prefer a honey tasting eggnog. Refrigerate until cold, then whip up in a blender until frothy and serve. It can still be drunk without frothing but it won't be as thick. Another drink you can make from eggno michael kors hobo handbags sale michael kors hamilton wallet sale michael kors sale store michael kors black purse sale
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