NFP Outreach Library


Fr. Richard Hogan
3800 Crystal Lake Blvd.
Robinsdale, MN  55422 

Dear Fr. Hogan, 

…”Thank you!” for the gift of your time and knowledge to the Diocese of Knoxville.  I am still hearing wonderful things from our priests who attended lunch with you on Friday.  Your keynote presentation was repeatedly marked as the best part of this year’s Diocesan Ministries Day on the event’s evaluations.  Several People came to me to tell me that you were the best presenter we’ve had in years.  That is high praise because we have had very solid keynotes in the past.  Your presence was a true blessing for our diocese.  I have had a request from our home-schooling association for a written copy of your reason why Pope John Paul II will be called “the Great.”  Is that something you could send to me?  They were very excited about using it in their history lessons… 

“…I hope to see you at other conferences in the future!  I have input into the selection of speakers for one national conference and one regional conference, both of whom would benefit from the knowledge you have to share…  Thank you, again, for the blessings you brought to our diocese.” 


Dale D. Powers, Director

Cc: Most Rev. Harry J. Flynn