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American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals -
     fosters, advances, and promotes the CrMS through service, education, leadership, and research

Billings Ovulation Method Association - USA -                                                     

California Association of Natural Family Planning -

Catholic Marriage Preparation  - - a free online video course of the Billings Ovulation Method

Couple-to-Couple League (Sympto-thermal method of NFP) -

Edith Stein Foundation -

Family of the Americas Foundation (ovulation method of NFP) -

FertileView: fertility management software – 
     – Symto-thermal and Mucus Only options

God's Plan for Life:

Marquette University College of Nursing Institute for NFP -

Natural Family Planning International, Inc.: Kippley-Prem Method & Ecological breastfeeding -

Natural Family Planning - Western Washington

Northwest Family Services (Sympto-thermal method of NFP) -

Philadelphia Natural Family Planning Network -

Pope Paul VI Institute ("Creighton Model" - ovulation method of NFP) -

Resources by Dr. Janet Smith  -

SERENA Canada - A Natural Family Planning Service 
     (Sympto-Thermal method of NFP) -

WOOMB International  - World Organization Ovulation Method Billings 
     (Billings Ovulation Method of NFP) –

WOOMB Canada -
     Ontario -    
     Western Ontario - 
     Alberta -

Ana Romero, NFP Coordinator, Oklahoma City

Office of Family Life
P.O. Box 32180 
Oklahoma City, OK 73123
(405) 721-8944 
(405) 721-5210 FAX

Other Links Of Interest

EWTN's Q&A NFP Forum - Read NFP questions to NFP Outreach Priests

ADVENTageous Audio - -   Please scroll down to the bottom

Ascension Press  is the publisher of the  new "Friendly  Flash Cards" and "The Rapture Trap." A great way for families to learn about the Catholic Faith. -

Catholic Hour Blog: The Pill, 50 Years Later:

CEIBA: National effectiveness study of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System -

Daniel Urological Center, Inc. -Carolina Vasectomy Reversal: &

Family Honor -

Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown -

The Leaven for Humanae Vitae:

NFP blog:

NFP Pamphlets ( Free Downloadable ) -

One More Soul (Their site includes an "NFP-Only Physicians Directory") 

                                                                            ● Sterilization Reversal Book and Discussion Group

Priests For Life - also:

What Every Woman Should Know Outreach Program - USA -