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Fr. Richard Hogan† on the Thought of John Paul II's Theology of the Body




Audio Visual Representation of the Billings Method

Fr. Hollowell on Chastity to Teens 

This animation explains the changes in cervical mucus that you may experience throughout your menstrual cycle. Once you're familiar with these changes you'll be able to identify the fertile and infertile times in your cycles. You can use this information to optimise your chances of conceiving, or you can use it to avoid pregnancy naturally. It can also help you to safeguard your reproductive health because you'll learn to recognise any changes that might need early medical investigation. Have you by chance heard Fr. Hollowell's homily on chastity to the teens at his high school? It's encouraging to see the younger generation of priests starting to preach on the liberating good news of Humanae Vitae! Fr. Hollowell is the Chaplain at Cardinal Ritter Catholic High School in Indianapolis, IN. A free online video course of the Billings Ovulation Method Register Here




Fr. Hogan at the  Family Honor's Annual Conference, 2006 - The John Paul II Revolution

Fr. McCaffrey's NFP Weekend Seminar

The Abundant Life- with Fr. McCaffrey & Dr. Martha Garza

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