NFP Questions & Answers

We've gathering some of the most frequently asked questions about Natural Family Planning and answered them for you here. Click around and see if your experience relates to others!

  1. In crisis, new doors and a new beautify of love truly open. Answer
  2. How can I persuade my husband not to have a vasectomy? Answer
  3. Does Contraception Thwart God's Plan? Answer
  4. How can we overcome our reservations to NFP? Answer
  5. After 3 C-Sections, is NFP Reliable? Answer
  6. Does contraception reduce abortions?  Answer
  7. Creative Abstinence.  Answer
  8. Prescribing contraception is not good medicine. Answer
  9. Is NFP "Catholic" contraception? Answer
  10. Can priests give permission to contracept? Answer
  11. Is sexual abstinence possible? Answer
  12. Is using a condom morally good when my wife is breastfeeding and we don't know when fertility returns? Answer
  13. What is the teaching on contraception and mentally retarded adults? Answer
  14. What is the Church's teaching on sterilization? Answer
  15. Why do I need a serious reason to avoid children? Answer
  16. Does HIV justify using contraception? Answer
  17. How to move from birth control to NFP? Answer
  18. What are the after effects of the pill on fertility and the ability to maintain pregnancy? Answer
  19. Do profits drive the contraceptive industry? Answer
  20. Is having babies in your 40s too risky? Answer
  21. Have the Bishops failed to be effective teachers of Humane Vitae and NFP? Answer
  22. Why do so few Catholic OB/GYNs promote NFP? Answer
  23. What resources on NFP can I recommend to my daughter? Answer
  24.  Is there a way to connect the dots from contraception to abortion? Answer
  25. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 1 Answer
  26. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 2 Answer
  27. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 3 Answer
  28. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 4 Answer
  29. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 5 Answer
  30. What do the social sciences tell us after 35 years of widespread contraception? Answer
  31. Do tubal ligations have harmful effects upon women? Answer
  32. Chastity for single women more fulfilling than free love? The thrill of the chaste. Answer
  33. New pill promises no more periods. What are the consequences? Answer
  34. May I continue prescribing and refilling birth control pills? Answer
  35. What is spousal love? Answer
  36. What can a Catholic pharmacist sell or not sell? Answer
  37. Is it appropriate to teach NFP to singles? Answer
  38. Why the shortage of priests and religious? Answer
  39. How does NFP enrich a couple's relationship? Answer
  40. Are Catholic families in the United States and First World countries too small? Answer
  41. What is a Christian understanding of what it means to be a human person? Answer
  42. How do you deal with failures in marriage? Answer
  43. Why is there reluctance among many clergy to speak about the Catholic Sexual Ethic? Answer
  44. How far can an innocent spouse go in refusing to comply with a contracepted sexual act? Answer
  45. Catholics in mixed marriages. Answer
  46. Why good doctors refuse to perform vasectomies? Answer
  47. Sterilization among Roman Catholic women in the United States. Answer
  48. Are the evils of abortion, cloning and experimenting on human embryos only Religious beliefs? Answer
  49. How do we grow old gracefully? Answer
  50. Is NFP sinful? Answer
  51. When does looking at a beautiful woman become a sin? Answer
  52. What are the effects of contraceptive medication on a woman's cervix and reproductive system? Answer
  53. How did a seminarian get the NFP message out to the entire Diocese? "Be Careful, it may turn your life upside down" Answer
  54. How can I, as an NFP teacher, do my job if I get no support from the pulpit? Answer
  55. Is there any secret formula for a strong marriage? Answer
  56. Could you give us some facts or data about changes in attitudes on NFP from the 1950s until now? Answer
  1. Can NFP still work if a woman has irregular cycles? Answer
  2. What is the social costs of sexual promiscuity? Answer
  3. What is the meaning of our bodies? Why are we bodied-persons? Why is sexuality so important for us? Answer
  4. Reasons clergy give for their silence at the pulpit on NFP Part 6 Answer
  5. Article: Working with Nature: 20 years into Marriage Couple Embraces NFP Answer
  6. For Marriage & Spousal Love (parts 1-2) Answer
  7. For Marriage & Spousal Love (parts 3-4) Answer
  8. For Marriage & Spousal Love (part 5) Answer
  9. For Marriage & Spousal Love (part 6) Answer
  10. For Marriage & Spousal Love (part 7) Answer
  11. For Marriage & Spousal Love (part 9 & 10) Answer
  12. Article: Catholic Marriage Prep for Marital Success Answer
  13. A 2008 Commencement Address Answer
  14. Hard Cases Answer
  15. What are some health hazards of the pill? Answer
  16. During Abstinence I experience pain. Is this normal? Good Morality means good medicine & Bad Morality means bad medicine Answer
  17. How have dioceses updated their NFP programs? Answer
  18. As a doctor, how do I bring my convictions and values to my profession? Answer
  19. Is raising children only "a woman's job"? Answer
  20. What are the contrasts between contraception and NFP? Answer
  21. Are OB/GYNs forces to prescribe contraceptives? Answer
  22. A testimony: She said "I don't have to say one thing and live another" Answer
  23. A testimony: He said "When did my wife get so beautiful?" Answer
  24. Do non-Catholics also condemn contraception? Answer
  25. Is teaching contraception to teenagers the wrong approach? Answer
  26. Why Contraception Matters: An Introduction to Stephen Patton's remarkable talk? Answer
  27. Do Plan B and other contraceptives shape society? Answer
  28. Marital Love, naturally Answer
  29. May a husband use a condom? Answer
  30. What is the Billings Ovulation Method? Answer
  31. How to promote Humane Vitae on its 40th anniversary? Answer
  32. Was Humane Vitae prophetic? Answer
  33. Hard Cases #2 - Should I consider another baby? Answer
  34. Humane Vitae at 40: Some Clergy determined to bring message to faithful Answer
  35. What does Jesus want from religious leaders? Answer
  36. How far can an innocent spouse go in refusing to comply with a contraceptive sexual act? Answer
  37. What means: The body is not for immorality but for the Lord and the Lord for the body (1 Cor 6:13)? Answer
  38. Protestants show interest in "Wisdom" of NFP. Answer
  39. Contraception, abortion, and sterilization - attack the very foundation of the human world. Answer
  40. The widely contrasting anthropology of contraception and NFP. Answer
  41. Is Sterilization normal after two children? Answer
  42. Is your Gospel sugar coated? Matthew 7:21-7 Answer
  43. Pill Inventor slams pill. Answer
  44. Is it OK to justify funding for contraception with the economic stimulus package? Answer
  45. Can a student in medical training be forced to learn skills of inserting IUDs and counseling for contraceptives? Answer
  47. "Afflicted" with fertility? Answer
  48. How to dissuade a vasectomy? Answer
  49. Please tell us about a model for promoting NFP in parishes that works. Answer
  50. My husband asks for sex non-stop. Answer
  51. A Catholic doctors asks for help in promoting NFP in his office and home life. Answer
  52. Why Dr. Mary Martin refuses to prescribe contraceptives (part 1 of 2). Answer
  53. Why Dr. Mary Martin refuses to prescribe contraceptives (part 2 of 2). Answer
  54.  "Be her Joseph" Answer
  55. My husband asks for sex non-stop. Answer
  56. What are helpful hints to find an NFP Doctor? Answer
  57. Another effective way to promote NFP. Answer
  58. How can I help my priest bring the NFP message to the pulpit? Answer
  1. Would not taxpayers be interested in this? Answer
  2. A blueprint for an NFP-Focused part 1 of 2. Answer
  3. A blueprint for an NFP-Focused part 2 of 2. Answer
  4. Is there a homily on sterilization? Answer
  5. Marital love is unifying and life-giving. Answer
  6. What does the Manhattan Declaration say about marriage? Answer
  7. Article - Economist: Contraceptive culture shifts economic power away from women. Answer
  8. Is there an Obligation to teach NFP to a Co-Habiting Couple with no intent to marry? Answer
  9. God's Plan for Marriage and Spousal Love - a Homily. Answer
  10. Florida Catholic to feature monthly Catholic medical column. Answer
  11. How does Dr. Dominic Pedulla, MD, explain the evils of contraception? Answer
  12. Why marriage is for life? Answer
  13. On the 50th Anniversary of the Pill, what is an adequate assessment? Answer
  14. Wall Street Journal: Response to Melinda Becks: The Birth Control Riddle Answer
  15. What is the superstition of divorce? Answer
  16. The Pill after 50 years: that dirty little secret. Answer
  17. The Church holds out Sacramental Marriage as an icon, a window, into the inner life of the trinity. Answer
  18. Does sterilization in women cause decreased desire? Answer
  19. When will the medical establishment acknowledge the risks of chemical contraceptives? Answer
  20. When may sterilized couples seek to marry? Answer
  21. The Word of God is His plan for all basic dimensions of human life. Answer
  22. Is being child free a selfish choice? Answer
  23. Women are losers in the modern sexual relationships market. What will it take for them to break out of this dilemma? Answer
  24. What does contraception do to the individual, to marriage, to family, and to society? Answer
  25. What are the contents of a ful course in NFP in marriage preparation? Answer
  26. Is there a breast cancer risks for women who take pills with estrogen & progesterone? Answer
  27. Is there a natural argument for NFP? Answer
  28. What's the big deal about birth control? Answer
  29. Is there a success story about marriage prep with NFP? Answer
  30. How long must we keep up the pretenses? Answer
  31. What can a diocese do to convert Catholic doctors away from contraception? Answer
  32. Is there good news for marriage preparation programs? Answer
  33. Is there a good video to assist the clergy in bringing marriage and NFP values back to the pulpit? Answer
  34. What is the key to Christian Meert's successful marriage preparation course in Colorado Springs? Answer
  35. Can unchaste homosexual or heterosexual clergymen exempt themselves from the 6th Commandment? Answer
  36. Why do some Catholic physicians refuse to prescribe contraception? Answer
  37. What is a good way to explain the teachings and values of Humane Vitae? Answer
  38. Does the HHL Contraceptive Mandate promote women's health or attack it? Answer
  39. Real life demands that we make some commitments. Why? Answer
  40. Is there a growing receptive attitude among many Catholic women to hear from the pulpit about the merits of NFP? Answer
  41. How to help priests bring God's plan for marriage and spousal love back to the pulpit? Answer
  42. Is there a good summary of the encyclical Humane VitaeAnswer
  43. What does Archbishop Coakely teach about contraception? Answer
  44. How did Phoenix implement its marriage prep program which mandates a full course in NFP? Answer
  45. Is there a recommended model for a clergy conference on NFP? Answer
  46. What is the dirty little secret that has pervaded the field of women's healthy care for more than 50 years? Answer
  47. To NFP or not to NFP? That is the question for married couples? Answer
  48. Are we Catholic Americans or American Catholics? Answer
  49. Is there an introductory, online, visual presentation of one of the available NFP Methods to help couples and pastors to grasp the basic methodology? Answer
  50. How many children? Answer
  51. Why call contraception women's health care? Answer
  52. What is wrong with IVF and ET? Answer